Business Networking


Business Networking for Lawyers

It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you

Join us in this one day seminar to provide the best way to build and manage your reputation, create your network and drive competitive advantage in the legal field.



09:00- 09:45

Networking? A great idea but not for me.

  • Everybody needs to network, yet each circumstance is different. How to get past the early networking jitters.


Why do we network? Top 5 reasons we should network.

  • Networking is the art of building and maintaining connections to develop mutual benefits.


Getting into the networking frame of mind. Dig the well before you’re thirsty. Types of networks: fun, work &play.

  • You already have contacts and the ideal contact is closer than you think. You simply need to set them up in a way that makes it easier and more effective to reach out and connect.


Food, drinks & networking


The etiquette of networking. In a first encounter establish rapport don’t sell.

  • Try to give more of you, your time, contacts and your professional advice.


Networking strategy. Why and how to set up a strategy. Six steps on.

  • Active listening is powerful, yet very few of us actually listen attentively.


Gearing up for events.

  • Networking methods: Let’s have a Coffee, Ice Breaker, Stealth at the door, WDYK
    Networking Success Stories.





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PAUL J.R. RENAUD is a Certified Executive Coach (ICF), specializing in peak performance, Brain-Science & Marketing.

Paul’s coaching protocols occur at many levels of management, from entrepreneurs and managers all the way to the C-suite.

Over fifteen of the past thirty years he worked professionally at senior management levels, including Vice-President of Sales at Vodafone and Chief Commercial Officer at Orange, while having lived in Asia, South America, North America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Paul has coached startups and multinationals such as Google, Coca-Cola, Bitdefender, eMAG, Orange, Vodafone, GE Capital, Toyota, UPS, UPC, Fokker, Endava and Bell Canada.

An energetic communicator and a TEDx Speaker, Paul is the author of ‘A Networking Book’ available now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks and in Carturesti, and he is also Adjunct Professor of Marketing at the Maastricht School of Management, within the Executive MBA Program in Bucharest.



Workshopul costa 700 ron si are loc pe 21 martie, in intervalul 09:00-17:00